we drive SEO results

through video marketing



Videos Drive SEO Results

It’s no mystery that Google SERPS find value in video content. In fact, a Forrester study showed that pages with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. This has created less of a focus on a page’s keyword optimization solely, shifting attention towards whether the page’s content answers the question presented by the user.

We feel like video marketing allows us to serve our clients’ target audiences and their needs better than traditional social content, creating a user experience that significantly improves SEO results.

Our Process

It all starts with great content. Our digital strategists work closely with our video production team each week to analyze search queries and create compelling video content that creates retention, social sharing and link building.

Videos Make Pages On Your Website “Sticky”

One of the best ways to create page authority and increase your site’s organic ranking is by keeping users on your website longer. We’ve found that videos are the secret sauce to decreasing your site’s bounce rate and boosting its SEO results.

One study of retail sites showed that users who view videos stay two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to make a purchase than other visitors.

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