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How to Simplify Your Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you’re busy. We’re busy. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. In fact, 76% of business owners report needing assistance with their marketing. That’s why we use these mobile-friendly apps to help us manage our time spent marketing wisely:

  • DrumUp

For content marketing, DrumUp is the one-stop-shop to find new and relevant content in your industry. Updated daily, you can plug in keywords related to your niche and be the first to see (and post) new blogs or findings.

The content library allows you to save articles for later, too. You can even set your favorite industry blogs to auto-post to your social channels, and schedule posts right from the app.

  • Google Alerts

Google alerts can send you keyword-based alerts right to your inbox. Simply plug in your keywords, and you can easily monitor your brand, competition, niche, or potential customers.

Being a Google product, it has access to search information and analytics that no other site can provide.

  • Facebook Pages Manager

As a marketing agency, we have to handle different client’s social media pages. The Pages Manager is an app created by Facebook, so it works seamlessly with the Facebook pages you manage, making it easy to handle multiple accounts on your mobile device.

Whether your business needs to manage client profiles or just a page for a nonprofit you participate in, this app can simplify switching between Facebook accounts for marketing.

  • Sprout Social

At ANKR, we use Sprout Social to schedule our social media content for Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter. Their analytics offer great data visualization and graphics which we find that we can use in our reporting to our clients directly, which saves us a lot of time.

The fact that we can access it on our phones makes it even easier to ensure our client’s content is ready to go.

  • Evernote

You can keep notes across multiple devices with Evernote. When you’re working on the go, taking notes on your phone is essential. This app lets you organize your notes into notebooks for work, different projects or even personal reminders.

With Evernote, when you log into your computer and need to pull up your notes for the meeting, it’s all in one place on any device when you use your login.

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