What Do Targeting Options and Giant Pandas Have In Common?

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What do targeting options and giant pandas have in common? They’re coming back!

That’s right– Facebook is finally bringing back some of the targeting options that were removed in the days of data privacy concerns. In the spirit of bringing things back into the world, we also wanted to tie in a another special announcement. In addition to the return of certain ad targeting options, Giant Pandas are no longer on the endangered species list. That means we’re one step closer to saving this iconic species! While not closely related to the world of digital marketing, who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

If you’re involved in the world of social media marketing, then you’ve likely felt the blow of losing certain ad targeting options thanks to the Facebook privacy issues surrounding third-party data security. While most of the new announcements we’ve been hearing seem to surround the removal of features, Facebook mentioned in their Facebook Developers blog this month that these targeting options will return:

giant pandas are back and so are these targeting options

This is big news for B2B marketers who rely on interest segments to reach professional audiences. By being able to reach users based on employment, job title, field of study, school or page admin status, the world of Facebook targeting is once again a place where B2B social advertising can thrive.

We’re also living in a world where giant pandas can thrive again! With experts working to both safeguard large swathes of mountainous bamboo forests and reunite isolated panda populations, there’s hope for our children to someday see these magnificent animals in real life.

giant panda social media marketing

Also in the near future, we can expect more targeting options to continue to roll out (slowly, as Facebook tiptoes around privacy regulations and monitoring third-party data sources), which will provide new ways for marketers to reach their target audiences through social advertising.

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