How to Build a Google Client Review Email Campaign

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Sending out a direct link to a Google Review to your clients can improve your local SEO and your 3-pack business listing.

Your business already has made a great impression on your clientele. This is a great way to utilize those positive client relationships to improve your presence on the first page of Google search.

Here is a step-by-step process to send out a Google Client Review Email Campaign:

STEP 1: Create a Google My Business page for your business.

STEP 2: Log into your Google My Business page on a user who hasn’t left a review for your business already.

STEP 3: Google your business exactly as it appears on your Google My Business page.

STEP 4: Scroll down and click the “Write a Review” button

google review direct link how to

STEP 5: Click the 5th star! This is essential so that your review opens up automatically with a 5-star review.

STEP 6: Click within the URL at the top, and type in a 5 following the comma at the end. It should look like this when done:,3,5

STEP 7: Paste this link into your email campaign as a button to “Leave a Review”

google review direct email link

STEP 8: This will open a link for them to log in to their Google account. Users cannot leave an anonymous review, so they will be prompted to log in.

STEP 9: Your happy clients can now easily post a review about your business automatically!

google review 5 star direct link

Why it’s important to build up your Google Business reviews:

Google loves Google. When you’re born into the Google family, you get perks- specifically that you have priority on your family search engine. Google indexes the information processed through their products higher than other organic content.

Google My Business Reviews are essential to ensure that people who are searching for your business are seeing the positive relationships you’ve built with past clients. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so building up Google reviews is becoming increasingly important for small businesses.

7 out of 10 consumers are willing to leave a Google review when asked. It’s really just a matter of taking the time to ask and make the review process simple for them in order to take advantage of their willingness to participate.

They say that 5 is the magic number when it comes to Google reviews providing an impact on your organic search and 3-pack listing. Remember that Google’s listing has changed over the years, now including only 3 businesses, which means competition for these spots is high.

Sending a direct email link to leave a review will remind loyal customers to show their support, and makes the review process just one click away. Try this process out today for your business.


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