How To Generate Leads Through LinkedIn Advertising

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B2B marketing isn’t what it used to be. It’s even better and LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is a testament to that.

How effective are LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaigns?

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is the new holy grail for businesses in their quest to generate B2B leads by offering a personalized way to reach the platform’s vast community of esteemed business and industry professionals. With Sponsored InMail, you’re able to quickly and easily generate handcrafted message campaigns that appeal to your target audience. Your tailored message is then sent directly to the inboxes of your target audience, providing real-time communication between you and the recipients.

How to Create a LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaign

Building a Sponsored InMail Message

When crafting your campaign message ask yourself, “Why would the audience read this”. Brevity is key so your overall message should be concise, helpful and relevant in 1000 characters or less. The following are best practice tips to ensure your message is well received.

Selecting Your Sponsored InMail Graphic

It is imperative that you include a banner image with your Sponsored InMail campaign. Failing to do so will result in ads from other advertisers appearing in that spot, thus distracting from your content. Your image should be sized at 300 pixels by 250 pixels. This image can be a stock photo or product screenshot, so long as it enhances your message and encompasses your brand.

Specifying Your Sponsored InMail Target Audience

With a Sponsored InMail campaign, you are able to specifically target individuals based on location, industry, company, job title, groups, skills, etc. When designating your target audience, LinkedIn will display the corresponding audience size. The more characteristics that you use to describe your target audience, the smaller, yet more effective, the audience size will become.

LinkedIn’s Advertising Cost and Bid Types: Asked and Answered

You’re given full budget control when setting up your Sponsored InMail campaign by allocating a total campaign budget as well as a daily budget. When running your campaign, you are charged on a Cost-Per-Send (CPS) basis, meaning you pay for each message sent through the platform’s second-price auction.

When structuring your campaign budget, you choose the maximum amount that you’re willing to bid for each sent message. LinkedIn helps with this process by suggesting a bid range based on the current competing bids by other advertisers targeting the same audience.

*Note: It is wise to bid at the higher end of the bid range, especially as a beginner, so that your campaign wins more frequently in the auction, thus increasing your chances of attaining clicks or impressions.

If your Sponsored InMail is sent, that means your bid won in the auction and your message appears in the inbox of all active members that fit your target audience. Because LinkedIn operates a second-price auction, if you win a bid you’ll only pay as much as the second-highest bidder for the messages sent.

Due to LinkedIn’s credibility, members are more likely to open and act on a message received within the platform as opposed to other sites. Also, members can only receive sponsored content once every 60 days, so your sent messages have a significant chance of being opened by recipients. Now take this information and start your Sponsored InMail campaign today to begin gaining effective leads for your business!

Are you ready to run a successful LinkedIn Ad Campaign?

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