Spring Clean your Social Media

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Spring has sprung, and as you begin to organize your garage and dust your ceiling fans, you might want to consider adding one more task to your spring cleaning list: tidying up your social media.

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and in turn, your profiles should be too. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are routinely releasing updates which alter their algorithm, affecting your online presence and how you can stay relevant in the news feed. Even if you are consistently posting, keeping up with trends, and engaging on your friend’s posts, your profile could still benefit from some sprucing up.

Listed below are a couple of easy ways you can freshen up your digital presence.


  • Update your cover photo – Your cover photo is typically the first thing an individual notices when they come across your Facebook Page; you want to leave a good impression! Remember to update your cover photo regularly, and to use high-definition, vibrant images. Facebook cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall on desktop and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile; you want your photo to be roughly the same size to ensure top quality. You never know how someone may be accessing your Facebook Page, on a computer or on their phone, so you want your cover photo to look professional and be high quality on both. One thing to consider, instead of a cover photo, is a cover video. This increases visibility and attractiveness, and it allows you to showcase a more in-depth look at your business
  • Update your pinned post – Your pinned post should be the most important thing you want your visitor to take away from your page.
  • Reword the call-to-action button – Is your call-to-action button not generating as much traffic as you would like it to? Try altering the wording! For example, instead of “Sign Up”, try “Learn More”.
  • Review your About section –  Evaluate your “About” section to ensure that all of the information listed is correct. Additionally, if you have a URL listed, make it more specific than just linking back to your website. Change the URL to go to a specific section of the website, such as the Client Testimonials section or to your Portfolio. According to socialmediatoday.com, the more targeted your URL, the better.
  • Utilize Messenger – Facebook released a feature that allows companies to run ads through Messenger. This increases outreach with potential customers and continues to build a relationship with existing clients.


  • Update your bio – You can now add hashtags to your bio, as well as tag people or businesses. This enhances your search power; now, when people search the hashtag or business in your bio, they have a greater likelihood of finding your account. Additionally, ensure that the information is as up-to-date as possible.
  • Change link in bio – You only have the ability to put one clickable link in your bio. Similar to the “About” section in Facebook, you want to be as targeted as possible. Think beyond the homepage, and try to align the social campaigns you’re running to a relevant section on your website to avoid changing this link often.
  • Utilize Instagram Stories – Similar to Snapchat, Instagram offers stories. Stories, which last for 24 hours, appear in the top bar of your Instagram home page. You can add to your story by clicking on the plus sign that appears on your profile picture. Stories are a great way to market your business, promote products, and increase engagement. 
  • Add Instagram Story highlights – Once you’ve created an Instagram Story, you can add it to your highlights section, which falls in your bio. This is a great way to showcase products, but also offer a more personalized touch by highlighting company culture. You can continuously add to your highlighted story.
  • Clean house Don’t forget – you can always go through and delete old Instagram photos. Old Instagram photos that don’t fit with the aesthetic you curated, or that didn’t generate a lot of engagement, are good to remove. If you do not want to completely get rid of them, but instead just want to hide them, you can archive the post. When you archive a post, it is hidden to the public and visible only to you. To archive a photo, click on the post and go to the ellipses at the top right corner; “archive” is the first option.
  • Comment on old posts – To generate more exposure and engagement on older posts, comment popular hashtags, tag relevant accounts, and even add a location. When people search those hashtags or location, your post will pop under “recent”.


  • Update your bio – Twitter, like Instagram, allows you to add hashtags and tag accounts in your bio. When people search the hashtag in your bio, they have a greater likelihood of finding your account. You also want to review the bio to make sure you’re representing your brand, and that you’re telling the consumer what you want them to know.
  • Change your pinned Tweet – Your pinned tweet is the first thing people see when they land on your page. Double check that your pinned tweet is timely, appropriate, and in line with your brand. 
  • Clean out inactive people – There are various apps you can download that show you who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and accounts that you follow that are now inactive. Examples of these apps are Friend or Follow and TwitNERD.

Another good practice to keep in mind when spring cleaning your social media is to change your password. This increases the security on your account, and decreases your likelihood of getting hacked. You also want to verify that all of your social media platforms reflect your company’s brand.

Your social media profiles are an extension of your company’s brand. It’s important to go through occasionally to verify that your platforms are consistent, up-to-date, and utilizing the newest updates an app has to offer.

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