The Hottest New Tools to Track, Record and Improve Campaign Performance

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To better optimize campaigns results, at ANKR Agency we use a variety of tools to gather information and make campaigns more impactful. The tools that we use allow us to gather data like the number of clicks, visits, calls, engagements, and more. By looking at tracking, recording, and feedback data, we are able to improve our campaigns reactively so our clients gain more leads, more engagement, and more conversions.

We aren’t in the business of reinventing the wheel– we spend time creating out-of-the-box campaigns, and revisit their performance to tweak them to perfection. Here are a few tools you’d find if you took a look at our metaphorical, marketing tool belt:


CallRail Call Tracking

CallRail is a service which lets you record phone call conversations from search, offline, and digital marketing campaigns. It tracks and records the audio from the calls that each of your marketing campaigns receive. CallRail’s call tracking software makes it easier to see which campaigns, websites, and search keywords are making the phone ring.

It uses machine learning and data to analyze every call to tell you which are good leads and where they’re coming from. With the help of CallRail, you can visualize trends and understand what is driving the high-performing campaigns. When new potential leads show up, CallRail automatically notifies you through email.

With CallRail, you’ll be able to listen to calls and recognize  common objections, perfect your sales pitch, and identify sales representatives who may not be performing as well as others. Knowing this information will make your target audience more accurate, and improve your sales reps.


Hotjar Analytics

Hotjar is a tool used to understand your website visitors. One of the most unique  features Hotjar offers is a heatmap. It shows which part of your website people click the most, visually representing their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior with a virtual heat map.

Visitors can leave feedback of your website so you can better understand the user experience  on your website and identify features they would like to see. Hotjar also offers the ability to poll your visitors to gather more specific information. This way, not only are you getting feedback, but you’re also engaging with your audience.

Hotjar also offers a recording function  Which allows you to watch recordings of real visitors and their actions on the site. Similar to the heatmap, you’ll be able to see visitors click, move, and navigate your website with a line that follows their cursor. This is a great way to see a user’s real-life journey through your website, and determine where they might be exiting your page or lingering. By analyzing patterns in your user experience recording, you can add, change and optimize your pages to get the best outcome, whether that is filling out a lead form or navigating to another page in the sales cycle.



Unbounce is a great tool for building custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars for a campaign. Making responsive and effective web pages has never been easier than with Unbounce’s drag and drop feature. You’re able to design your landing page to match your brand, making any template your own. Every element on the landing page can be customized, from Call-to-Action buttons to background imagery and copy. Not only does Unbounce work great on desktop, it also has a mobile editor. Since many  users use their mobile devices to search, it’s important to create a landing page that’s responsive to mobile..

Adding scripts for tracking is simple and straightforward, just by embedding Google Analytics (or HTML, or Javascript, or CSS, or any other custom script) and get the tracking pixels started. Once you’re tracking and gathering this audience, you can retarget these users with your future content.

Olark chat application

Olark is a useful tool that can be integrated with Unbounce.. By incorporating Olark with the landing pages that we’ve created with Unbounce, we are able to have live conversations with people who visit. This person to person contact means more engagement at the point of conversion.

Olark offers real-time reporting, which means we’ll be able to see when the landing pages are receiving the most traffic and the busiest in the day, who is handling customers the most, and how customers are rating their experience. With Olark, we are able to have one-to-one conversations with visitors to get their feedback, assist in any help they need, or spark conversation to land a deal. Of course, we can’t monitor 24/7, as such, Olark also offers automated messaging based of a visitor’s behavior, which makes it easier to send the right message at the right time, without the confusion of handling every conversation all at once.


Hotjar, CallRail, Unbounce and Olark are great tracking and creation tools that we utilize to optimize client websites, landing pages, and ad campaigns. With these tracking tools, we’re able to improve our user experience overall and increase conversions by tweaking our campaigns to fit the consumer’s response.

Interested in learning how we can use these tools to track your businesses campaigns or website activity? Contact us here, and let’s get started.


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