Use the Facebook Algorithm to Strategize Your Content Creation

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Tailor your Facebook content to perform well.

There are a ton of social media platforms your business can explore using, but the data shows that it is essential to have a Facebook presence for marketing nowadays. Their acquisition of Instagram gives you even more opportunity to get bang for your buck out of Facebook marketing.

The days of free Facebook advertising are coming to an end, and prehistoric social media marketing tactics just won’t cut it anymore. There was a time when you could post an update and most of your audience would see it organically on their news feed, but Facebook is a business and places preference on content that is paid. It makes sense, though, your business isn’t exactly leaping over people to do free work, right?

So why change the algorithm?

Generally, brands are seeing fewer clicks, less engagement, and less visibility as well as a decline in traffic and organic reach on social media. It may seem that it’s working against your business and marketing content, but if you understand what it intends to reward and act accordingly, you can tailor your content to perform well.

The algorithm is built with the consumer in mind and wants to show Facebook users high-quality content that they’re interested in. The algorithm isn’t your enemy as a marketer, it should be your adversary.

So how can this work for me?

Facebook is the only social network who releases their algorithm. Why? Because they don’t want you to fail, they want you to learn.

With the most recent updates for 2017, Facebook’s algorithm lifts up higher quality content. What this means is that when you post, Facebook shows that content to a small section of your audience and based on those user’s reactions, decides to show it to a larger portion of your audience or not. This is how Facebook can “rate” your content’s quality without ever having to personally see it.

Some marketers focus on posting when they believe their users are online. Facebook combatted this idea in their recent algorithm update, stating that high-quality content can be seen at any time. Don’t focus on the time to post, focus on the quality, and the engagement will follow accordingly.

Another recent update includes video preference, specifically the length of videos and whether they are live streamed. Users are moving towards wanting to be entertained more, and Facebook is rewarding longer video content to allow brands to entertain for longer.

Since Facebook is currently pushing their live feature, it has preference.

So can I bypass the algorithm?

The answer is no.

You can’t completely bypass the algorithm and have your entire audience on Facebook see your organic content 100% of the time. You can’t ensure your paid content will be shown to everyone, either, but one thing we still have control of is email.

Make sure that you are including content on your Facebook updates which asks users to join your email list. Why? Facebook algorithms don’t have any control over people’s inboxes.

So you can ask your avid followers to volunteer to receive updates via email, and they will receive 100% of the messages you send out. These updates shouldn’t be as frequent as your social posts, but they can include the same content and links to drive shares.

Provide a Facebook share option within your email clearly to drive these users back to social media. You can’t guarantee shares, but you can guarantee that if that user wanted to, they had the opportunity to both see it and share it.

Shares are algorithm gold on Facebook. More shares = more people seeing content.

If you’re interested in more information, click here to see the latest updates in the Facebook algorithm

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