Why Your Business Should Use Professional Photography on Instagram

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Why investing in photo quality matters

Instagram has over 600 million active users posting every month vying for attention. Since visual content is king, setting yourself apart from your competitors with high-quality photos is increasingly important in an otherwise endless sea of pictures and selfies.

Your phone is not a camera.

The “Shot on an iPhone” series emphasizes the camera feature more than any other iPhone feature to sell their product. Having the ability to capture high quality photos and then share them with the world instantaneously is something that every phone user wants.

What apple doesn’t tell you is that all these photos on their billboards were taken by professional photographers and edited with professional software. So while you might be thinking you’re going to capture a full moon with your state of the art phone…

You end up with this instead.

bad moon phone picture

While camera technology in phones has improved dramatically in the last few years, they still can’t compete with DSLR cameras. Professional photographers with quality gear and lighting can turn any mundane office scene into an exciting and beautiful photo.


Instagram filters ≠ Photo editing.

There’s an adage on Instagram that “Valencia makes everybody look good”, and while that might be true, the filter presets shouldn’t be used often and shouldn’t be thought of as photo editing.

In general, users of Instagram are 21% more likely to view photos that were professionally edited, and 45% more likely to interact by liking, commenting or sharing.

Have your photographer be selective and consistent about your editing techniques so you can establish a style your followers can recognize.


Stay Consistent

Your client base will associate your brand, the quality of your products and services with the quality of photos it posts online. Having only professional photographs on your Instagram page will tell a cohesive story and engage the viewer, rather than being a hodgepodge of photos taken from phones intermixed with professional photos.

The average viewer will see the first 9 images on your Instagram feed and will most likely make the choice to hit the follow button or move on based on those 9 images. Make a great first impression with professionally edited photos.


Check out our video, The Battle of the Instagram Photos to see this concept tested in real life.

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